1st Chapter Critique

It has been said that the first chapter can make or break a novel. It has to enthrall your reader and leave them wanting more. How do you accomplish this?

Let me help.

Submit your first chapter to me and I promise I will not lie to you. I’m going to read your chapter very carefully and return to you an in-depth critique with in-comment deletions, insertions, and comments. The critique will only include grammar and punctuation edits, and suggestions for overall readability and story flow.

The chapter can be any subject, genre, style, or length. Work must be done in English and submitted only using Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

You can submit as many first chapters as you’d like at any time, but a service fee must be paid for each submission. The cost of the service is $50 and payment must be made before the service is completed. You will receive your critique within fifteen days of payment being made.

There are no returns, refunds, or exchanges once the service is completed and once payment is made, it is final. Fill out the form below and I will contact you within forty-eight hours. Please do not send your first chapter until I reach out to you.