Why Did I Create The Write Nook & March Blog Goals

Hello again!

First, can I just have a moment to talk about how excited I am? It has been my goal for the past few years to create a blog, a community really, where authors and aspiring authors can come together and share their wisdom so we can all learn and grow together. I have so many ideas for this website and I’m looking forward to your ideas and suggestions as well.

Two story babies have been brewing in my mind for the past year. One is sort of fleshed out and outlined, but requires a little more research before I feel comfortable penning the first chapter. The second, and my debut novel, will be what I plan to outline, research, write, edit, and finish with you dear readers.

The goal is to outline, research, and write at least half of my novel over the next couple of months before Nanowrimo starts November 1st. I also plan to enter Camp Nanowrimo this April, as well as later this July, to help me along in this process. I will have a writing goal of 25,000 words for each Camp.

Now maybe you’re thinking, “Jade are you crazy?! April’s Camp Nanowrimo is in four weeks! How can I possibly outline my novel, create a story bible, and manage my busy job, demanding household, etc.?”

Relax! I’ve got your back. Over the next four weeks, I’m going to release 8 blog posts. The first two blog posts will be released later this week with the goal of showing you what common writing mistakes to avoid, and motivating you to start a daily writing habit. (Trust me, it may seem like it’s not really that important, but it is. After all, practice makes perfect, right?) The remaining six will require only one to three hours of your time each, depending on where you are with your novel outlining process. But don’t fret! There are exactly 168 hours in a week. For the sake of chasing your dreams, I’m only asking for two to six hours of your time.

I have faith that both you, and I, can realize our goals this year. So, take a deep breath, and get ready. Our writing journey will commence with my next blog release on Wednesday, March 8th. See you then!

– Jade


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