March Jaded Confessions


A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon this writer’s tag on the internet and instantly wanted to answer the questions and share them with all of you. So, sit back, grab a drink, get comfortable, and let’s dive right in!

  • What type of writing do you do? 

In high school I wrote a lot of essays, short stories, and poems. Now that I’ve gotten a little older, I write YA and new adult fiction novels. 

  • What genres and/or topics do you write about?

I prefer to write about coming of age or novels dealing with sensitive topics. My goal is to touch my readers and bring out real emotions so my novels tend to deal with real life problems and what-if situations. 

  • How long have you been writing?

I kept a journal all through elementary school, but I started writing short stories in sixth grade. 

  • Are you published?

No, I hope to be published within two years. 

  • What was the first story you ever wrote?

My sixth grade teacher gave us a writing prompt in class one day and I remember it dealt with walking into ancient ruins. I took that prompt and wrote a 26 page, double spaced, short story that had a clear beginning, middle, and end. It included a damsel in distress and everyone lived happily ever after in the end. I need to look and see if I can find that short story somewhere….

  • Why do you write?

Why does a person breathe? I don’t know a life without writing. I write because it makes me happy. 

  • How do you find time to write?

I set clear goals for myself. I know that I want to complete a 100k word novel by November 31st. I also want to release 1 to 2 blog posts a week on this site. By setting clear goals, I always find the time to write. 

  • When and where are the best times to write?

I get my best writing done in the early mornings before I go to work. However, lately I’ve been doing a lot of writing at night to prepare for Camp Nanowrimo. I also tend to dedicate at least 3 hours Saturdays and Sundays to writing. 

I prefer to write in small bookstores, Starbucks, or outside on my front porch. 

  • Favorite foods/drink while writing?

Tea or water. I love green and chai tea. As far as food goes, I tend to forget to eat if I’m writing. Occasionally, I might have some cashews or peanut butter m&ms sitting around. 

  • Your writing playlist?

The Hamilton soundtrack! But honestly, it depends on the scene I’m writing. I have a bunch of different songs and artists saved to my Spotify playlist that vary from pop to soft rock, rap, and a touch of country for this exact reason.

  • What do family/friends/loved ones think of you writing?

They encourage it. Often, they see what I write before any of you. Although, I plan to change that as I write Quarter Life Crisis. Besides random scenes posted to Twitter, my beta readers will be the first to read that. 

  • Parts of writing you enjoy the most?

Getting plot bunnies out of my head and onto paper. I love forming close attachments with my characters and seeing where life takes them. They’re my babies. 

  • Parts of writing you find challenging?

Writer’s block, editing, doubt, and finding my own unique writing voice.

  • What do you use to write with and on?

Scrivener for my stories and WordPress/Microsoft Word for my blog. I tend to use my phone to take notes on the go. 

  • How do you overcome writer’s block?

Changing my surroundings and reading a favorite book. People watching helps too. 

  • How do you motivate yourself to write?

Twitter. The writing community there is awesome! From word sprints, to motivational tips, to chats and blogs, everyday I’m inspired to write or research an idea. 

  • Authors that inspire you as a writer?

Jodi Piccoult. She’s awesome at taking difficult subjects and discussing them in a non-bias way. I also adore Jane Austen and Meg Cabot. They were my two favorite authors growing up. 

  • Books that inspire you as a writer?

Oh there’s so many to choose from! I’ll just list some favorites: any Meg Cabot, any Jodi Piccoult, any Jane Austen, the Hunger Games series, the Maze Runner series, the Jewel series, Me Before You, anything by Jenny Han, anything by Danielle Steele, and many more.

As for writing advice books I can’t recommend On Writing by Stephen King enough. This is a must read. 

  • Best advice you’ve gotten as a writer?

“The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading, in order to write; a man will turn over half a library to make one book.” – Samuel Johnson

“Not publishing yet (or at all) doesn’t invalidate you as a writer” – Kristen Kieffer

“Don’t get it right, get it written” – James Thurber

  • Writing goals this year?

Complete all three Nanowrimos, write 1 to 2 blog posts a week, and finish Quarter Life Crisis by November 31st.

That’s all the questions for this month! I would love to get to know all of you a little better too! If you do this tag on your blog be sure to let me know.



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