Camp Nanowrimo Two Week Update

Hey Guys!

Today is April 15th and we are officially at the half-way mark of Camp Nanowrimo. I’m following other attendees on Twitter and a lot of you are on par with your goals. One person that I follow has already exceeded their goal!

How am I doing?

Not so good.

I have a really hectic schedule. I work full time, I volunteer, and I had a lot of social events planned for this month as well. But, I made a schedule and dedicated specific writing days where I planned to write at least 4k a day. I thought this would be pretty doable, especially if I spaced it out throughout the day. (Ex. 1k in the morning, 1k during lunch, and 2k in the afternoon.)

And it worked right up until this week when I got the flu.

Based upon my schedule, I should have a minimum of 15k as of last night. Right now my word count is at 11,400 because I only wrote about 2k towards my WIP on Wednesday and didn’t write anything yesterday.

I know, I suck.

When I woke up this morning, I spent some time in bed trying to figure out what went wrong. The best I can come up with is lack of motivation and having no energy because of the flu. The second I have no control over, but I can deal with the first.

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog posts you know I joined the Write Chain challenge on Twitter and I pledged to write at least 300 words a day. I’ve been keeping up with this by doing random writing prompts where I can easily write 500-1k words in under an hour. These are fun, they give me an excuse to write about other topics or genres, and they take my mind away from my WIP a little bit each day.

But they aren’t for Camp Nanowrimo. They aren’t for my WIP.

So, my goal for the remaining half of the month is to get serious. I’ve decided I’m not doing to do writing prompts on my writing days and I’ve reformatted my schedule and added more writing days with goals of 2k instead of 4k. If I feel like writing more for my WIP than 2k, that’s fine, but this way I’ll be able to better deal with all the crazy happening in my life while still winning Camp Nanowrimo.

What lesson have I learned from all of this? Don’t be afraid to reevaluate your schedule and adjust it as needed. We are all busy people, and things, like the flu, can and will pop up. With all of that against us, we as writers, need to be proactive and make time for something that means so much to us. Writing isn’t just a hobby for me. It’s a career and I want to treat it as such.

Next week, I’ll release another blog post on Saturday. Hopefully I’ll inform you that I’ve written over 20k words. Wish me well!

Let me know down below, or on Twitter,- how your Camp Nanowrimo progress is going.




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