April Jaded Confessions & May Goals




Oh. My. God. April literally killed me.

So I beat Camp Nanowrimo on April 28th with a word count of a little over 25,100 words…and immediately poured myself a glass of my favorite moscato wine. It was heavenly.

And then I took the weekend off. I was MIA from Twitter, I didn’t go on WordPress and type up blog posts, I didn’t look at my WIP, or edit and revise it on Scrivener. I just relaxed. I went out my friends and got mani/pedis. I went shopping. I sat around and read a book.

My God, I’d forgotten how good it felt to just sit around and read a book. (Currently I’m reading Firstlife by Gena Showalter and it’s addictive. No spoilers in the comments please.)



So how do I feel about how I did in April? So-so. I beat Camp Nano, which was my ultimate goal, and I feel pretty good about that. I also participated in the #WIPjoy April hashtag on Twitter and that felt pretty good too. Sure I was behind on some days, but I got my tweets out there and that’s what matters in my book. I stayed pretty caught up on all of my beta reading too which makes me happy as well. I hate procrastinating when I know people are relying on me to be prompt. Overall, I did pretty good.

Except on here.

I barely posted any blog posts and that makes me pretty sad.

So that’s going to change. Starting in May, I will commit to you guys at least one blog post a week. (You may get two a week, like I did in March, but no promises.)

I also want to be more active on Twitter, and participate regularly in weekly author/writing chats.

I enjoy beta reading so that’s going to be a priority for me too. I want to at least beta read two novels a month going forward. Two seems to be a good number for me so far, and it’s nice to contribute and give back to the writing community that way.

Last, but not least, I want to really spend the next two months leading up to July’s Camp Nanowrimo editing and outlining my WIP some more. More info on that will come in later blog posts, but I love that I’ve split my novel up into three big chunks, so that after each chunk I can go back edit, revise, and rewrite, so when my novel is complete the editing process will hopefully, HOPEFULLY, be a breeze.

Anyway, those are my goals for May. Let me know what your goals are down below. Until next time…



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