Plot Bunny to Outline (My Personal Process)

Hi Loves!

If you follow me on Twitter @authorjadepenn (shameless self-promotion), you might know that on Saturday I got an amazing idea for a new WIP (work-in-progress). I’m not going to reveal what that idea is yet, because it’s a sensitive subject and I want to be sure I can give the topic the justice it deserves before I mention it to anyone. But experiencing that eureka moment made me want to jump on here and describe how I personally take my own plot bunnies and turn them into something useful.

  1. The Eureka Moment (A Plot Bunny is Born!): For me, this idea was born in the kitchen while I was cooking dinner and listening to one of my Spotify playlists. A lot of my eureka moments happen in random instances like this one. I could overhear a conversation in Starbucks, be people watching while grocery shopping, or simply be in the shower and then…bJaxgozZusl2g.gif…inspiration hits. In this case I was specifically scooping avocado into my homemade burrito bowl when State of Grace by The Kays came on and the idea just hit me. So like any other perfectly sane normal person, I…
  2. Write it Down!:…immediately dropped the avocado in the bowl and ran down the hallway to my office so I could grab my notebook appropriately titled “Ideas.” Then I plopped on the floor and wrote every single detail I could think of for this potential WIP. Ideas just flowed. I didn’t stop to consider if something was stupid or pointless, I just wrote. Eventually I had written a page of notes relating to this idea, and I was hungry, so I grabbed the notebook, and went back to the kitchen to finish my burrito bowl while I…
  3. …Decide if it’s Worth it: I’m already more than 30k into another WIP and I think that WIP is pretty awesome. But with my busy schedule, I can’t write or focus on two WIP at a time. This new WIP was going to take a lot of research and time if I wanted to write it correctly, so I needed to decide if I wanted to put it aside until a later time or put my current WIP that I started with Camp Nanowrimo aside. This is usually the part of the process where my doubt starts to creep in too. I looked at my notes and I wondered if I was worthy enough to write this, if I was skilled enough to write this, if I had the time and emotional energy to write this. To help me gauge if starting a new WIP was worth it I decided to start researching the novel. I looked at my ideas, pulled up google, and spent about an hour and a half on research. In the end I had about four pages of notes. And that was the moment I…
  4. Get Serious: I decided this story, quite simply, needed to be written and that I was going to write it. At this point, I pulled out my worksheets that I typically use when starting a new WIP, such as a character sketching one and a plot building one. (My plotter people where you at?) I started with the MC that I was envisioning and I wrote down everything I could about her, and then I went on Pinterest and found some images I could attach to her Scrivener file. When I was satisfied with that I moved onto a little bit of plot building. Mainly, I focused on my novel’s inciting incident, conflict, and climax.

And that’s where I’m at now. I have a fully fleshed out MC, an idea of an antagonist, and the basis for a plot. Notice, it’s been three days and I still haven’t written a single word of the actual novel yet. That may seem silly to some of you, but it’s what works best for me. I simply cannot write until I know what I’m writing. In the meantime, I research, I outline, I write down snippets of scenes that come to me when I’m in the shower, falling asleep, or at work. But that excitement; the thrill of starting something new…r1DwXzs4QIsnu


And that’s basically what I do. Note, I haven’t given up on my other WIP, I won’t actively be writing it for the time being, but ideas are still flowing for it, and if inspired to write, I will write a chapter or two from time to time. But my new plot bunny, my baby, my desire, lies with this new WIP and I’m excited to take you guys along for the ride.



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