The Indie Book Nook!


It’s finally happening!!!!!


I am happy to announce that today the launch page went live for my new book subscription box – The Indie Book Nook 

This subscription box service caters specifically to indie authors. It wasn’t until I created an author account on twitter that I discovered so many talented authors who are just starting to or have already self-published. As I beta-read pre-release novels or purchased self-published books on Amazon, it blew my mind that all this time I was missing out on beautifully crafted works of art simply because I didn’t know they existed.

This is a common problem that many authors who choose to self-publish face and I wanted to do something about it but I didn’t know how.

Then I came across an ad online for a book subscription box for newly released hardcover fiction books. And I thought, “Why doesn’t something like this exist for indie authors?” This would be the perfect way, not only for indie authors to gain visibility, but also for readers to discover and fall in love with amazing books that they might not have discovered otherwise. So, I began the process of starting one and here we are today.

But I need your help. Tweet, share, talk about, discuss, post, blog, and vlog about The Indie Book Nook.  The more sign-ups I get for the launch page, the more I can gauge the interest and have an appropriate amount of books ready to ship out in October.

Yes you read that right. Subscription boxes will start shipping out in October. On September 1st the website will change to a landing page and you can sign up for a monthly, bi-yearly, or yearly subscription. Those who sign-up now, before the launch page changes to a landing page, will not only be entered for a chance to win a free lifetime subscription, but will also get special emails sent to them detailing subscription information, box details, and revealing the indie author we’ll be featuring for the month of October. They’ll also get a discount code to use when signing up on September 1st that permanently keeps their subscription at $9.99 a month as long as they don’t cancel their membership.

I also need you to tweet me @authorjadepenn your favorite published indie authors. Or, if you are an indie author and would like one of your books, published or soon-to-be published, to be featured in an upcoming box please email me at contact.theindiebooknook@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from all of you soon!





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